Why Paycom?
I was finishing up my last semester of college and was trying to find an internship that could possibly turn in to a full-time position. Paycom provided me with that opportunity. I never thought my first job out of college would actually turn in to a career.

What in your role at Paycom are you passionate about?
I enjoy working with my team of Specialists and helping them grow their careers at Paycom.

What has been your favorite experience working at Paycom?
It has to be seeing the excitement on people’s faces, including my own, when management talks about the future and the opportunities that are to come.

What has been your career growth path at Paycom?
I was an intern for about two months and then was hired as a full-time Payroll Specialist when I graduated. After 10 months I was promoted to the New Client Set-up Department, where I worked for five months before being promoted to my current position as a Team Leader.

There are a lot of
opportunities at Paycom.
Stick with it and work
hard to advance yourself
in the company.