Why Paycom?
Paycom is a growing company that provides opportunity for advancement. Paycom has a friendly atmosphere and gets involved in activities that employees get to participate in.

What in your role at Paycom are you passionate about?
I have enjoyed being able to help employees develop their skills so that they can grow in their career. To see the transformation employees make during that process gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also enjoy being able to provide excellent customer service that sets us apart from other payroll industry companies. Receiving great customer service is what is important to our customers.

What has been your favorite experience working at Paycom?
One of the most memorable experiences was raising the money for and presenting the “BIG” check to Anna’s House Charity. It showed how generous Paycom and Paycom employees are.

What has been your career growth path at Paycom?
I started in 2000 as a Payroll Specialist. I was promoted to Team Leader and then to a New Client Set-Up Team Leader. I am currently the Manager of New Client Set-Up.

Be excited.
I have been here for
over nine years and still
get excited when a new
challenge is presented.